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Wednesday 8-28-13 Weather Blog

Aloha everyone! Wow, big changes in weather, as indicated by the sighting of our beautiful golden goddess yesterday morning. It appears this morning that the high pressure ridge has arrived, subsiding air, no clouds can grow until the land heats up late morning. Welcome to Kealohilani, the sparkling heavens whereupon Moʻoinanea built that home on the fringes of the wind for her grandchildren.

Guardians at the gates, Kukeaopoko, the short small puffy horizon clouds, and Kukeaoloa, the cold front, protects all that she built. Kaʻumaʻiliʻula, Keaomelemeleʻs half brother, also lives here in the sparkling house of high pressure, and he peeked over the horizon this morning, shown by the colors that were golden yesterday and reddish-orange-purple early today. Look at the ocean sparkle--ʻālohilohi... And Kamakau tells us that the Hawaiian gods modeled the north side of Kāneʻohe Bay as a model of all known lands on the Earth. Wow, lucky we live Hawaiʻi!

The kolea are also so on the mark, as we see two sets of low pressures forming on either side of the Pacific. The gulf of Alaska has a long fetch of broad winds being pushed along by this high pressure... the isobars are tightening as the first winter low pushes into the gulf... Meanwhile off China a series of low pressures are combining just like in the Gulf of Alaska, backing on each other in the "Fujiwara effect" and brewing up a good fetch that looks like a NW swell within 5 days. Here it is Wednesday, the north swell looks 3-4 days away, so yah, give thankx for nature, let us all bear witness to her greatness!

Aloha e, Kumu Ian

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