The Surf Professor
Kolea Muku

How did I do last week? Good, and the small north swell peaked on Saturday with 11-13 second period, I had said Sunday, but yes, within 2 weeks of the Koleasʻ arrivals, the first north swell passed through. 3-4 foot wave height maximum, and only a weak edge pass. Probably good at Laniakea, but the wind overcame it on the east side. Thats okay, we saw Keaomelemele again yesterday morning, and now the lighter trades are coming, with variables on the way. Might as well copy and paste my last post again here! Okay, much aloha, big changes coming here on Mauli, a dark moon rising just before dawn, the last of Hilina ʻehu! Hope you all had a good 3 day weekend!

Aloha e, Kumu I

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